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If you’re an individual or a business with a tax problem, it can be really scary for a couple of reasons.

First, many people fear the unknown. The IRS is a huge agency and the tax code is a vast minefield of complicated laws, regulations, and procedures. Even those who work for the IRS don’t always understand the tax code they’re supposed to enforce! How can you?

Second, many fear the power of the IRS. Let’s face it, the IRS has enormous power, and they sometimes abuse that power. The IRS is the most powerful collection agency on earth. They can take your wages, your bank account, your retirement, even your home. And sometimes they send people to jail just to send a message.

So it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. You may have questions. Where do I turn? Who do I trust? What are the best tax debt strategies for my unique situation? How much will it cost?

Our Tax Debt Strategies Lawyer Can Help You Resolve Your Tax Problem

Milwaukee Tax Attorney Michael Mack will ease your fears and inspire hope by answering all of your questions and providing you with a specific tax relief action plan to deal with your unique tax situation.

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Milwaukee Tax Lawyer Michael Mack  has been featured talking about helping people with tax problems and answering tax questions on Fox News, in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on NPR and on NBC.

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Tax Relief Solutions: Testimonials

We came and saw Mike. Right off the bat, we were very comfortable with him because he had a lot of empathy for our situation. We were very comfortable with him, and it went from there. He offered solutions. He laid it out clearly what was going to happen, and we were comfortable with it and went with him.

I would say that it has been at least $45,000, maybe even close to $50,000 that Mike has saved us.

George & Mary

I had the opportunity to buy my own metal polishing company, and in 2002, that’s exactly what I did. Like most small business owners, we struggled at the beginning. We got behind on our taxes. I had a revenue officer that was starting to come after us for a total of $81,253.

It was a very stressful time until I found attorney Michael Mack. Mike got involved immediately. It didn’t cost me a thing up front, and within a day Mike had the levy stopped and got the IRS to settle. Mike has been able to help me with my personal credit too. He has a total tax recovery program, which has made all of the difference for me.

Doug King

What I would tell people who have similar problems—or maybe, in some cases, worse problems—is that don’t let fear cripple you. A lot of times people get themselves into such a situation, and they are so afraid and hopeless that they don’t do anything. By not doing anything, the situation just gets worse and, ultimately, you wind up in a situation where you lose a lot of control or the rights that you may have had if you would have acted sooner. So don’t let the fear and worry cripple you. Take action. Call Mike. Tell him your problem, and let him figure a solution for you. It’s a lot better than sitting and living in fear wondering what’s going to happen.

Jim Braun

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