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Who We Are

Expert Attorney MIchael Mack

Attorney Michael Mack

Leading our team of specialists is Michael Mack with over 20 years as a trial lawyer, consumer credit advocate and bankruptcy attorney practicing in Wisconsin.  He is a well known speaker in the media on credit law and has been featured on national news outlets. He can help you too, right now, just as he has helped many Wisconsinites in eliminating their debt, rebuilding their credit and recovering from financial injury.

We have provided a list of Proof Documents and Testimonials from Wisconsin clients who have worked with Michael Mack. Their experience can be yours as well. God Bless.

What We Do

Rebuilt your credit

You have legal rights you probably overlooked. We know the laws that are designed to protect you and will help you work them to your benefit. Whether you are seeking an alternative to bankruptcy, credit repair, debt restructuring, or to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, we have answers and solutions to these complicated facets of life. We get to straight work right away on giving you back your piece of mind.

We start by- Putting a stop to the annoying collection calls, protecting your assets, stopping or preventing wage garnishment, handling judgments, debt forgiveness and negotiating with your creditors. We continue to work with you in building a solid financial future and offer a free credit repair program, so you can keep going forward!

How We Can Help?

Let's Start TodayMost clients will pay no up front fees to start their case with us. We evaluate each situation carefully and decide which legal solutions are available to you. Not all cases require filing bankruptcy. As a Wisconsin resident, you can enjoy the unique credit laws this state offers as an alternative to filing bankruptcy, while still enjoying the same benefits of having done so. Our job is to find what options are best available to you, and remove bankruptcy as a cursed word for credit, should any client choose that route. In truth, it’s a new beginning, part of working with you is also teaching you how to start repairing your credit immediately, even if a client chooses to file for  bankruptcy relief.

Whatever financial situation you are in now, we can help relieve your debt worries. Why not start today? Just fill out our contact form, or call us at our office right now!  414-771-9200

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