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You almost never hear about these overlooked tax solutions because the tax resolution companies are not licensed to offer these solutions because they require a licensed attorney to implement them. Or these so called tax resolution companies do not have the competence to deliver predictable, consistent results.

That’s why Faith Firm is radically different from the other guys. You see, the “one size fits all” approach is a business model that does not work when it comes to tax problems. The tax resolution companies are sales and marketing companies first and foremost. Tax is simply an afterthought. The taxpayer suffers as a result.

Faith Firm is a law firm. We are not a sales and marketing business. Tax is our focus. Our clients benefit as a result. We approach each client with determining what the best solution is for that particular client who presents a unique case.

Faith Firm offers mainstream as well as alternative tax solutions which are legal and proven to deliver results. The Faith Firm focus is on wiping out the tax problem.

Get a free copy of Tax Attorney Michael Mack’s book The Truth About Tax Settlement And Alternative Solutions Most People Overlook​. This informative book reveals five little known, alternative tax solutions. You can also get a free consultation by phone or in person. Just call 414-771-9200.

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