Wisconsin Tax Lawyer

Wisconsin Tax Lawyer

When the threatening letters from the Internal Revenue Office started piling up, perhaps you weren’t entirely surprised that the IRS began to enforce collection with a levy or lien. You know you need help, but you’re not sure where to turn—and you’re afraid that even if you hire a tax professional, you’ll get ripped off or he won’t solve your tax problem. We understand.

There’s No Such Thing as a Hopeless Tax Problem

Taxpayers often come to us desperate and in a panic. They are often confused and not sure who to trust. Some expect to hear that their case is hopeless. While we have seen thousands of unique and challenging tax cases over the years, the one thing they all have in common is that they were all successfully resolved. In fact, there is simply no such thing as a hopeless tax case.

The Faith Law Firm understands the enormous pressure you are under. So when you walk in our door, we give you hope. We will tell you exactly what we’re going to do to deal with your tax issues. Our goal is to see you move forward with your life, and having peace of mind because you know you are in good hands. After we take your case, we immediately get between you and the IRS. Almost all of our clients do not talk with the IRS once we get involved.

We use proven legal strategies to put an end to tax levies and tax liens. In fact, we have had many clients over the years walk into our office in the morning, and by the next morning their tax levy was lifted. You see, tax work is not guesswork for us. Tax and debt resolution is all we do. We know the tax code. We know how to talk to the IRS because we do it almost every day. And we get results for our clients almost every day.

Attorney Michael Mack and his tax relief lawyers can help you:

  • Stop an IRS levy against your wages and bank accounts
  • Get an IRS tax lien lifted
  • File your outstanding or past-due state and federal tax returns
  • Reduce or eliminate your outstanding tax debt
  • Get copies of past tax returns and transcripts from the IRS
  • Prepare for (and successfully complete) an IRS audit
  • Reduce or eliminate interest, fees, and other tax penalties
  • Cure payroll and employment tax problems using innovative solutions
  • Examine options to save your small or family-owned business
  • Protect your home and assets
  • Represent you on appeal in an IRS due process hearing
  • Represent you in U.S. Tax Court, Federal Court, and Bankruptcy Court
  • Boost your credit score after your case is complete

We Can Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

Our tax relief team includes experienced attorneys who practice exclusively in the area of tax and debt problem solving. Michael Mack and Faith Law Firm are ideally positioned to fix your tax problems. We can offer solutions that ordinary tax firms cannot offer—and in most cases, don’t even know about. We take on the responsibility of dealing aggressively with the IRS to resolve your case, taking month or years of stress off of your shoulders and allowing you to finally get on with your life.

Best of all, in most cases we will get started on your case without any upfront fee. And our fees are affordable and straight forward. No fine print. You see, you’re not alone anymore. Call attorney Michael Mack and the Faith Law Firm today at 414-559-2971 to have us take a look at your case. We look forward to hearing from you. God bless.

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