Alternative Tax Solutions

Our Wisconsin Tax Attorneys Will Explain Almost Unheard Of IRS Tax Solutions

Faith Law Firm has a long and proven record of implementing alternative tax solutions. We can offer tax solutions the so-called “tax resolutions” companies cannot offer because they are not licensed to offer these solutions or they have no experience in implementing these legal solutions.

Here is a partial list of some of the alternative tax solutions we deploy to solve our clients’ tax problems:

  1. Penalty Abatement (Elimination). Many have tax liability made up mostly of penalties and interest. If you can slash the penalties, you can radically decrease the tax debt and then deal with the remaining liability using offer in compromise and other solutions.
  2. Partial Pay Plan. This can save some taxpayers more money than an offer in compromise.
  3. Currently Not Collectible (Hardship). There are two forms of currently not collectible. Hardship is an overlooked tax solution many citizens overlook.
  4. Bankruptcy. It’s not for everyone, yet for some people it’s a tax solution that will wipe out the entire state and federal tax liability in a matter of three to four months.

Be open minded to all tax solutions. We would be happy to speak with you free in an initial consultation, review your tax problem and offer specific tax solutions. 

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