Currently Not Collectible

Our Experienced Tax Lawyers Qualify Eligible Taxpayers For Currently Not Collectible Status And Get The IRS To Leave You Alone.

The IRS does not publicize this solution, and it may be the most overlooked IRS solution. It’s called “Currently Not Collectible” or “Hardship” and this solution allows qualified tax payers to permanently or temporarily not pay back taxes.

The IRS declares you uncollectible. They send you a letter confirming this fact. And they leave you alone. If you would like to see what Currently Not Collectible letters look like, let us know, Faith Firm has many on file from our clients who were declared “Currently Not Collectible” by the IRS.   

Many people watching this video are uncollectible, and you don’t even know it. So let’s see whether you qualify for Hardship or some other tax solution that will put your tax problem behind you once and for all.

Get a free copy of Tax Attorney Michael Mack’s book The Truth About Tax Settlement And Alternative Solutions Most People Overlook. It reveals 5 little known tax solutions including uncollectible status. You can also get a free consultation with Mike by calling 414 771 9200.

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