Unfiled Tax Refunds

Our Wisconsin Tax Attorneys Will Explain How To Step Forward And File Your Unfiled Tax Returns Without Fear – And Get On With Your Life.

If you have not filed your tax returns, we can help you. Relax, it’s going to be okay. Because waiting for the IRS to catch you, and they will catch you, is no way to live.

Now, what if I told you that there was a way to step forward, file the tax returns without it being nitpicked by the IRS and without the need to come up with every receipt or document or check. This is very do-able because this is what we do for our clients.

Faith Firm knows the right way to approach the IRS, get the return filed, and allow our clients to live life with peace of mind.

As tax lawyers, we know how to invoke very specific policy statements by the IRS as well as relevant provisions of the Internal Revenue Manual to make sure you can step forward and get on with your life.  

Faith Firm takes care of its clients. When you become a client, we will take care of you.

Michael Mack will provide you with a free copy of his book, How To Get TAX FORGIVENESS: A Guide To Amnesty For The Most Devastating IRS Problems. The book reveals proven tax solutions, including how to deal with an IRS tax lien. You can get a free consultation with Mike by calling 414 771 9200. 

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