Wisconsin Tax Lawyer Reveals How To Use The Bankruptcy Code To Eliminate IRS And State Tax Debt, And Then Skyrocket Credit Score With Little Known Strategies.

Bankruptcy is not for everyone, yet it is often the most powerful solution to eliminate a tax problem and restore credit. We know this because many of our clients have used bankruptcy to totally recover from tax problems.

Consider these facts about bankruptcy:

Bankruptcy can eliminate all or most tax debt…

Bankruptcy can ideally position you to dramatically boost your credit score after the “bad” debt is eliminated.

Bankruptcy can wipe out interest and penalties.

Bankruptcy can instantly stop an IRS wage levy or other collections.

In fact, even without actually filing bankruptcy, a tax lawyer can use the unfiled bankruptcy to persuade the IRS to settle tax debt for pennies on the dollar. This policy is found in the Internal Revenue Manual.

Faith Firm has the ability to use bankruptcy, or the threat of bankruptcy, to solve tax problems for our clients. Faith Firm takes care of its clients using both non bankruptcy and bankruptcy tax solutions.

When you become a client of Faith Firm, we will take care of you and work with you to decide what the best tax solution is for you. 

Get a free copy of Attorney Michael Mack’s book The Truth About Tax Settlement And Alternative Solutions Most People Overlook. It reveals 5 little known tax solutions. You can also get a free consultation with Attorney Mack by calling 414 771 9200.

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