How To Insulate Yourself From An IRS Audit And Get The Full Protection Of The Law. Our Tax Attorneys Will Put Your Mind At Ease.

Make no mistake, the IRS wants you to be worried, even scared about audits.

And yet…

What if you didn’t have to be worried or scared?

What if an experienced tax focused lawyer took your place at the audit? What if that experienced, tough IRS lawyer did the talking for you before, during and after the audit?

What if you knew this lawyer had your back, and he knew what to say, and what not to say? This experienced lawyer knew precisely what information to disclose, and what not to disclose.

If you would like an experienced tax lawyer like this on your side, helping you put the audit behind you, and you no longer have to worry, then Faith Firm is ready, willing and able to help you.

Faith Firm is a law firm. We operate completely different from “tax resolution” companies. Faith Firm employs experienced, tough tax lawyers. We know how to deal with an IRS audit, and control the audit process as allowed by law.

We respect the IRS, but we are not intimidated by the IRS. We don’t fall bluffs and idle threats.

Faith Firm takes care of clients when our clients are audited. We protect our clients. If you become a client of Faith Firm, we will protect and take care of you.

Call 414 771 9200 for a free consultation. And get a free copy of, How To Get TAX FORGIVENESS : A Guide To Amnesty For The Most Devastating IRS Problems, written by attorney Michael Mack. This book reveals solutions to most tax problems, including audits. 

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