Payroll or Trust Fund

The IRS Can Hold Business Owners, Managers, And Employees Personally Liable For Trust Fund Payroll Tax And Seize Assets. Faith Firm Can Help Resolve Business Tax.

The IRS is unforgiving when it comes to payroll tax or trust fund tax. When payroll taxes and trust fund taxes are not paid, the IRS has the legal authority to take extreme action to collect the tax – and that can mean shutting down the business, and going after the people in the business.

When a payroll or trust fund tax problem arises, the IRS routinely seizes assets, and holds office managers, payroll employees, corporate officers and others personally liable for the payroll tax and trust fund tax.

That’s not what we want for you. And we know that’s not what you want for yourself.

So imagine what it would feel like to get the IRS off of your back, and wake up in the morning knowing there was a plan in place to solve the payroll tax problem, and perhaps turn the business around.  I think we can agree that would be an awesome feeling.

This is what you can expect from Faith Firm. If you have a payroll tax problem or any tax problem, and you become a client, we will take care of you. That’s a promise.

Attorney Michael Mack will provide you with a free copy of his book, How To Get TAX FORGIVENESS : A Guide To Amnesty For The Most Devastating IRS Problems, and you can get a free consultation by calling 414 771 9200. You will get specific recommendations to deal with your tax problem.

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