Tax Liens

Licensed And Experienced Tax Attorneys Have A Tax Lien Solution For Anyone Living In Wisconsin Or The United States

What is a Tax Lien and How to Eliminate it

Tax Liens are a public record that tell the whole world you owe a tax debt. Tax Liens prevent you from selling property, and you pay interest on the lien. To make matters worse, tax liens trash your credit.

What the IRS will not voluntarily disclose, is that the Tax Code and the Internal Revenue Manual provide for specific remedies to deal with federal tax liens. 

9 Proven Ways to Resolve Federal Tax Liens

Did you know that there is a way to withdraw the tax lien and make the tax lien disappear as if it never existed in the first place? In fact, the IRS will work with you to make sure there is no mention of the tax lien on your credit report.

Faith Firm deploys at least 9 proven methods to either get the lien withdrawn completely, and deleted from our client's tax report, or get the lien released. 

The fact is, Faith Firm has the ability to eliminate tax liens in ways that “tax resolution” companies cannot. Faith is a law firm of tax lawyers licensed U.S. Tax Court, Federal Court, Bankruptcy Court and certain State Courts. The "other guys" are not licensed to do what we can do, and they don’t know how to do what we can do.

An IRS Problem is a Legal Problem So Get the Right Legal Professional

Faith Firm is a local, licensed law firm. You and your family need an experienced tax attorney on your side who will get the tax problem resolved once and for all. Don’t become a victim twice – once to the IRS and then to a “tax resolution” company that sells you a bill of goods using high pressure sales tactics and gimmicks.

Attorney Michael Mack will provide you with a free copy of his book, How To Get TAX FORGIVENESS : A Guide To Amnesty For The Most Devastating IRS Problems.  The book reveals proven tax solutions, including how to deal with an IRS tax lien. You can get a free consultation with Mike by calling 414 771 9200. 

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