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A Little Trick to Clear Your Mind

I guarantee you that this tip will help you free up more emotional energy and allow you greater peace of mind because you’ll get completion and closure in important areas of your life.

Now what I’ve discovered from a lot of different masters of the human potential movement, and what I’ve applied to my own life, is that things that are incomplete in our lives they cost us emotionally. You and I may know these things as “loose ends.”

Loose ends are actually felt as burdens that we carry on ourselves from the time we wake up and even during the time we are sleeping (have you ever woken up in the middle of the night thinking about an issue you need to resolve?).

Maybe you had a fight with your friend a few years ago and you never resolved it. Or maybe you started something, like a business, and you never finished it. Or maybe you have a nagging financial problem that you have been avoiding, and it’s been interfering with your quality of life.

Stop the Loose Ends from Flying Around Your Brain

Whatever the loose end – big or small – getting closure allows you to move forward. It frees your brain of cluttered thoughts and distractions. So here is what I suggest you do, and what has worked wonders for me.

Make a list of all the areas in your life where you don’t have completion, where you don’t have closure. It could be an issue in a relationship or it could be a problem you know you need to resolve, but you’re avoiding it. Perhaps you need to lose weight or quit smoking or start saving more money.

Yet here’s the key. It’s something that bothers you at some level. You see, even if the loose end is minor, it robs you of emotional energy. Studies have shown that where there is something that’s incomplete in our lives, it’s an open loop that actually acts as an energy leak. And our loose ends are felt additionally as an emotional psychological burden that you carry around.

And here’s another thing that is vital for you to know: when we have incompleteness in our life we tend to go into avoidance. And the longer you avoid the loose end, then eventually the incomplete becomes too intimidating or too burdensome or too painful to even think about. So we rationalize to ourselves that we’ll get to it later – even though we know we won’t. And this will absolutely zap your energy and weigh on your emotional well-being.

We have to confront our loose ends now. We have to face the things in our life that are burdening us where we’re incomplete. Again, even those tiny, pesky loose ends need to be resolved.

The 10 Minute Exercise that Will Free Your Mind

Make a list of each of the areas of your life, each issue, each project, each relationship, each conflict, each commitment where you’re incomplete. Write it down. I like to keep a journal or you can write it on a piece of paper, but make sure you keep it near for you to look at often as you close the loose ends which are damaging your life. You can use your computer too, but studies show that when we write things down we tend to remember it better than if we simply typed it on a computer.

So make a list of all the areas where you’re incomplete. What about relationships? Did you ever hurt someone to whom you wish you had apologized? Did someone hurt you? What about your business or career? Is there some task – big or small – you have been avoiding? What about your health? Do you need to see a health professional? Do you need to start getting in shape? What about your financial situation? What about goals you have never achieved?

Now, it might be a little scary to look at that list of things that you left incomplete in your life. Some of the things might be physical or emotional or even spiritual.

It might even mean going to someone you haven’t talked to in your life for a long time or maybe a family or a friend. You might not have talked to them for twenty years, okay, but go to and do what it takes to get completeness, to close the loop. Okay? Tie it up once and for all and don’t let it be incomplete anymore.

Your list should be at least a page long. Take your time. For most of us, it should take at least ten to fifteen minutes to complete the list. Go ahead and do it now and then come back to this blog article.

What I’d like you to do now is look at the list very carefully. Go through the list and prioritize each one. With “1” being the most important, rate each issue. Which loose ends are causing the most damage or draining you of your energy? The most important loose ends are the ones you want to go after first.

What about the loose ends which are really not that important? What about the loose ends that if you could just forget about them, it would no longer affect your life?  Then make a decision to let it go. Say out loud, “I choose to let this go from my life” and then let it go.

It’s not always easy to let even the little issues go, but often we have to for our own wellbeing. For example, if you know someone who hurt you, you may want to let them know. It can be an ego thing. But ask yourself whether by allowing that person to weigh on your mind if you are allowing them some control over you? I’ve learned the hard way to just let things go when it comes to people I no longer want in my life.

Whether you choose to close the loop by taking action, or whether you choose to let it go, the point here is we need to get complete. Otherwise, it will continue to rob us of energy.

To wrap this up, prioritize your loose ends. I suggest trying you find the top five or so or the top 25%. Take action on the items that will give you back the most emotional energy. The items on the bottome of the list, the unimportant ones, you just need to let go! Just say to it: "I'm choosing to let you go - now go!" 

Please, for your own sake, do this. Do this for yourself! I think you will thank me later! God bless.


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