Congrats to My Son, and the Men and Women Who Serve

I just returned from San Diego after watching my oldest son Pat graduate from the United States Marine Corps boot camp. It was one of the greatest experiences of my lifetime, not just because of my son's accomplishment, but also because I had the privilege to meet some of the finest men and women in our great country.Patryk Mack United States Marine Corps

My wife and two of my other children stayed on the base and we took everything in during those three days. We went to the Marine Corps Museum, we watched the Color Ceremony, Drill Instructor's Brief, Liberty Formation and, of course, the graduation on Friday morning. It was pretty emotional for us, especially my wife, after not seeing our son for over 3 months.

The speech by Brigadier General James W. Bierman was especially moving as he spoke of how we overlook the great sacrifices men and women in the military make; and too often these people, often only 18 or 19 years old, make the ultimate sacrifice.

As I sat there listening to General Bierman, I couldn't help but think that about 30 miles away in Los Angeles lived some of the world's most narcissistic people, people like the talentless, self involved Kardashians. Every year they have the Acadamy awards where these vain and often self righteous people gather to congratulate themselves. The "winners" often take the stage to spread the word on pet political causes.

They're just so damn full of themselves. And yet why do some of us worship and pamper these dysfunctional people?

Why not honor instead the people who truly deserve our admiration? Like soldiers, policeman, fireman, nurses, teachers, small business owners, and other hard working Americans who don't have their asses kissed everywhere they go.

Anyway, enough of my soap box! :-)

Congratulations again to my son Pat. I love you. And God bless the men and women in our military, and God bless America.  

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