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  • "What Is Truth" When It Comes To The Clinton Foundation? You Be The Judge.

    When Jesus was brought before Pilate, He was asked if He was a king, and Jesus answered, “In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” "What is truth?" retorted Pilate. This is an essential, timeless question which can be applied to many things.
    What is the truth about The Clinton Foundation
    The Clinton Foundation isthe not-for-profit charitable organization started by Bill and Hillary Clinton? Is it a legitimate not-for-profit organization? Or is it a sham intended to benefit the Clintons and their friends personally rather than public causes? Well, you be the judge. And to do that, we need ....

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  • The Credit Application Score

    How to Complete a Credit Application and Skyrocket Your Chances forApproval
    Did you know that most vehicle loan and mortgage applications have what is called a "Credit Application Score"? These scores are used by the loan underwriter. So what you disclose or don't disclose on a credit application can make all the difference. Let me give you an example.
    Let's say you are self employed and you apply for a mortgage and being the truthful person you are, you disclose that on the application for credit. Thatdisclosure could prevent you from getting approved, or it could increase the cost of the loan. Now, to get around having to disclose you are self employed or an independent contractor, ....

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  • 8 Little Known Facts About Vehicle Financing

    How to Avoid Paying Through the Nose for a CarLoan

    “100% Guaranteed Appr oval”
    is often a lie. Actually, you’re approved only if you are willing to make a big down payment and willing to pay obscene interest rates.
    The card dealers play the spread (and play you for a fool) using an “Auto Industry Select”
    credit score and the standard FICO score.
    If you did not reaffirm your vehicle in bankruptcy
    , it may be possible to finance it at a lower cost instead of getting another vehicle. If you did not reaffirm, then the debt obligation is eliminated, but the finance company still has a lien on the title. By not reaffirming, the car loan will show up as a ....

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  • 15 Overlooked Facts About IRS Collection

    15 Little Known Facts About What the IRS Can and Cannot Do
    1. The IRS must withdraw a tax lien
    under circumstances that are broadly defined.Code §6323(j). Withdrawing the lien means that the lien is removed from public record as well as all three credit reports. 2. The IRSmust release the lien
    under specific circumstances. Code §6325(a). For example, if the lien is paid in full or if you negotiate a settlement of the tax liability. 3. The IRSmust give you a partial release of the lien
    under certain circumstances. It’s called a “discharge” of the lien and it means that specific property is no longer encumbered by the lien. You can sell it or borrow against ....

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  • Live in the Now!

    Today is the day to pray Today is the day to love Today is the day to say “I love you.” Today is the day to love yourself Today is the day to forgive yourself Today is the day to forgive others Today is the day to have faith Today is the day to hope Today is the day to put away pride Today is the day to ask for help Today is the day to stop being angry Today is the day to live without fear Today is the day to live with passion Today is the day to be fully present Today is the day to be authentic Today is the day to accept who you are Today is the day to live the life you want Today is the day to stop apologizing for who you are Today is the day to stop ....

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  • Credit Card Utilization: Vital Credit Score Factor

    Credit card utilization is the relationship between the balances on your credit cards and the credit limits on all of your open credit card accounts. It is expressed as a percentage and is calculated a number of ways. It’s criticallyimportant to your credit score, asit is a key factor in the “Debt” category of your credit score. The debt category is worth 30% of your FICO® *
    score points and while the credit card utilization percentage isn’t alone worth all 30% (that’s a myth), it’s certainly key to earning and maintaining great credit scores. FICO, by the way,is the "gold standard" of credit scores. *FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac ....

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  • Prayer and Meditation Will Transform Your Life in Every Way

    “I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.”– Groucho Marx .
    In his book “Your Erroneous Zones” the late Dr. Wayne Dyer talked about how we mix up all of the different things that we’re doing, or allowing our minds to be cluttered with thoughts of what might happen tomorrow. So weno longer enjoy an experience for itself because we allow worries of the past or the future or other things going on in our lives to overwhelm our thoughts. For example, when you’re at work you’re ....

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  • Congrats to My Son, and the Men and Women Who Serve

    I just returned from San Diego after watching my oldest son Pat graduate from the United States Marine Corps boot camp. It was one of the greatest experiences of my lifetime, not just because of my son's accomplishment, but also because I had the privilege to meet some of the finest men and women in our great country. My wife and two of my other children stayed on the base and we took everything in during those three days. We went to the Marine Corps Museum, we watched the Color Ceremony, Drill Instructor's Brief, Liberty Formation and, of course, the graduation on Friday morning. It was pretty emotional for us, especially my wife, after not seeing our son for over 3 months. The speech ....

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  • Credit After Bankruptcy

    Credit After Bankruptcy
    It's common to find errors on your credit report after bankruptcy. Balances are still showing, late payments still being reported, and so on. These errors damage your credit. Sofollow these steps to get the incorrect information removed: Obtain copies of the reports from Use the mail-in form provided on the site to request your credit report from all three agencies (Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax). Enclose a copy of your driver’s license and a utility or other bill linking you to the address you where you want the reports mailed.
    Do Not Request Copies of Credit Reports Directly From the Credit Bureaus
    Do notrequest copies of the ....

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  • Sure Fire Way to Be More Productive and More Happy!

    A Little Trick to Clear Your Mind
    I guarantee you that this tip will help you free up more emotional energy and allow you greater peace of mind because you’ll get completion and closure in important areas of your life. Now what I’ve discovered from a lot of different masters of the human potential movement, and what I’ve applied to my own life, is that things that are incomplete in our lives they cost us emotionally. You and I may know these things as “loose ends.” Loose ends are actually felt as burdens that we carry on ourselves from the time we wake up and even during the time we are sleeping (have you ever woken up in the middle of the night thinking ....

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