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Faith Law Firm George & Mary

We came and saw Mike. Right off the bat, we were very comfortable with him because he had a lot of empathy for our situation. We were very comfortable with him, and it went from there. He offered solutions. He laid it out clearly what was going to happen, and we were comfortable with it and went with him.

I would say that it has been at least $45,000, maybe even close to $50,000 that Mike has saved us.

George & Mary

Faith Law Firm Doug King

I had the opportunity to buy my own metal polishing company, and in 2002, that’s exactly what I did. Like most small business owners, we struggled at the beginning. We got behind on our taxes. I had a revenue officer that was starting to come after us for a total of $81,253.

It was a very stressful time until I found attorney Michael Mack. Mike got involved immediately. It didn’t cost me a thing up front, and within a day Mike had the levy stopped and got the IRS to settle. Mike has been able to help me with my personal credit too. He has a total tax recovery program, which has made all of the difference for me.

Doug King

Faith Law Firm Jim Braun

What I would tell people who have similar problems—or maybe, in some cases, worse problems—is that don’t let fear cripple you. A lot of times people get themselves into such a situation, and they are so afraid and hopeless that they don’t do anything. By not doing anything, the situation just gets worse and, ultimately, you wind up in a situation where you lose a lot of control or the rights that you may have had if you would have acted sooner. So don’t let the fear and worry cripple you. Take action. Call Mike. Tell him your problem, and let him figure a solution for you. It’s a lot better than sitting and living in fear wondering what’s going to happen.

Jim Braun

Faith Law Firm Charles

I got a call from my ex-wife and was surprised because we don’t talk. She was mad because her accounts had been frozen, and the IRS was levying her accounts. So I go down and check with the bank, and my accounts had been levied.

I contacted Michael Mack immediately, I tried other attorneys and went through the phone book but they all wanted a big retainer for them to represent me in this tax issue. Mike got on my case, and I didn’t have to pay him any money down. They released the levy within hours of contacting Michael Mack.

The IRS claimed that I owed them $122,000, and I was wondering how I was going to pay this. When I contacted Michael Mack, he got on my case and negotiated it down to a $5,000 tax debt, and he allowed me to make installment payments. So I was tax free, had installments, and my life was back on track.


Faith Law Firm Thomas Murphy

Faith Firm got me out of a major tax jam, and saved me $174,112. They delivered results when others failed me.

Thomas Murphy

Faith Law Firm Bridgett

Out of sheer frustration and desperation I started looking for help. When I walked into the office and met Michael, I was like okay. This guy knows what he is doing and understands what the struggles are. So at that point, I got my hope back.

We sat down, devised a plan and initiated that plan, and then we started all over again. Right now I feel great because I know there is hope, and I want my life back. And to get my life back, I needed help. And the help I got was with Michael Mack.

So with that I feel great about everything now because I know there is life at the end of the tunnel and light at the end of the rainbow. And with that, I urge you to seek help—and you have to get the right team. I have talked with numerous people prior to meeting Michael. I came in and met the team and have never been happier.

I am so very happy with the whole team, and I hope everybody understands how important it is to get with the right team. No one is going to lead you down the road here in the wrong way. They are going to give you the best advice. They don’t want to waste your time. These guys get it done, and that’s what I like.


Faith Law Firm Anthony L.

Quick service. Very professional.

Anthony L.

Faith Law Firm Colleen M.

Faith firm and attorney Michael Mack made a difficult situation bearable. They guided me through my bankruptcy with patience and lots of understanding.  All phone calls were returned very promptly. He also ended up getting me a refund of some of the garnishment which was a wonderful surprise.

Colleen M.

Faith Law Firm Heath J.

Thank you mike you and your guy have helped me so much.

Heath J.

Faith Law Firm Samantha B.

The government can really mess up your life unless you know your way around the system and the tax laws. Because of Michael Mack and Faith Firm, I went from being a basket case to feeling literally like I was set free. Top notch tax lawyer.

Samantha B.

Faith Law Firm Robertomundo S.

Once again Michael Mack came through for my family. This is the second time he took the time to fully understand the IRS issues that were beginning to ruin my families days and nights. His experience had us relieved and sleeping soundly in no time. I highly suggest Mike if you need expert advice and representation to address tax issues!!

Robertomundo S.

Faith Law Firm Sarah J.

Michael Mack literally saved us from financial disaster. We made the mistake of hiring a company based in California that took our money and made the situation worse. Michael was really a completely different kind of lawyer. He is compassionate and really good at eliminating tax problems. 

Sarah J.

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